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MoonFit is a Web3 & NFT Lifestyle App that promotes active living by rewarding users anytime they burn calories through physical activities.

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The Story

At the beginning of time in the vast MoonFit universe, only ten thousand MoonBeasts roam free. Female and male MoonBeasts, known as Beauty and Beast, are each by themselves on the quest to find the other half. They must burn calories to become stronger and more attractive, with the hope of winning love and bearing offspring, thus populating the universe.


The Gameplay

Start by owning a MoonBeast NFT and proceed with your training sessions. The more calories you burn, the more tokens you earn. These tokens can be used to upgrade, breed, trade, HODL, or buy more MoonBeasts to grow your clan.

Moon Token


Elevate the Fitness with Web3 Experiences
NFT MoonBeast

MoonBeast NFT

Choose between two types with four special attributes
Moon Token

MoonItem NFT & Leveling System

Level up your MoonBeast and increase earning chance


Trade your NFTs securely with blockchain technology


Pick and purchase real items with a few taps

The Mission

Promoting an active lifestyle through Web3 & NFT

We encourage every form of training as long as calories are burned. Through our incentivization mechanism, MoonFit pushes users to work out, keep fit and stay healthy.

Why Moonfit?

why choose us

Pick Your Sports

We believe training doesn't have to be limited to running. You get rewards as long as you burn calories, no matter which sports you play.

Choose Your Pace

train at whichever pace you feel comfortable with to maximize health benefits and minimize injuries.

Train anywhere

Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, select the environment that suits you best. Don't put yourself at risk during extreme weather.

Form your habit

MoonFit motivates you to work out everyday and stay in shape. We believe it's the long run that counts.

Token Burning Mechanism

Keeping game economy stable and sustainable


  • In-game Token
  • Not listed to any Exchanges
  • Earned through in-game activities
  • Used for most in-game activities
  • Purchase real items from MoonShop


  • Upgrade in-game character, keep fit & grow your clan
  • 210 million total supply
  • Earned through special in-game milestones
  • Used for special in-game milestones
  • Voting rights for Ecosystem Fund & Game future (planned in roadmap)
  • Staking (planned in roadmap)

Token Burning Mechanism

Keeping game economy stable and sustainable

In-game MFR MFG
Reserve training range
Breed Rare MoonBeasts
Open MoonEgg
Level up Special Levels
Skip wait-time during level-up
Unlock equipment slots
Open MoonBox Rare MoonBoxes
Double down when opening MoonBox
Skip wait-time during MoonItem claim
Unlock extra MoonBox slots
Operate training clan
Real-Life MFR MFG
Purchase items from MoonShop

Token Distribution



We aim to create the best web3 lifestyle app for our community, more features & integrations will be added soon

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APR 2022

  • Project Kickstart
  • Team Building
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MAY 2022

  • IOS & Android MVP finished
  • Design system & UI Kits
  • Mockup Design
  • Game Mechanisms & Documents
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JUN 2022

  • Internal & Private Test
  • Marketing Kickoff
  • Fixing Bugs & Game Balancing
  • Marketplace Feature
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Q3 2022

  • Community Building
  • Private Beta Test Wrap-Up
  • Leaderboard Features
  • Group / Clan Features
  • Open Beta
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Q4 2022

  • Incentivized Testnet #1
  • Community Events
  • Deposit Assets
  • Social Features
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Q1 2023

  • Daily Missions
  • Mini Games
  • Community Monthly Challenge
  • Referral
  • Free-users-approach
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Q2 2023

  • PVP Challenge
  • Wearable devices integration
  • Badge system
  • Multi-chain Expand
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Q3 2023

  • Incentivized Testnet Phase 2
  • Ambassadors Batch 2
  • New NFT Sale Rounds
  • IDO (Consider the Market sentiment)
  • Moonshop
  • Background Mode
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Q4 2023

  • Breeding
  • Official Launch
  • Virtual Running Event
  • Add more sports
  • Staking
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